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Top Video Poker Games on the Market

Many forms of games have been immortalized as video games and have been highly successful as well. There are also those video games that have flopped due to endless storylines, bad graphics, and overly complicated interface. The video poker game market especially is bursting with so many different games that promise the best of the best. Now you are asking yourself how you can possibly find out which game is really the best, well you have us to do the job for you.

The first game we will be introducing is also the newest game available in the video poker game market, and this game is called World Series of Poker 2008: Battle for the Bracelets by Activision. This game makes you compete against the top 30 poker champions from around the world in order to increase your bankroll and unlock items and skills for your more advanced tournaments. This game has an excellent interface, good audio tracks and crisp graphics, the only problem is that it is not yet Vista compatible and Activision should soon come up with a patch to solve this video poker game crisis.

The next video poker game worth mentioning is designed for the PS2 and is called PS2 World Series of Poker. This game does not have the best graphics but an easy interface and enjoyable career mode which makes a video poker game a must have. The AI in this game is very aggressive and promises long lasting fun. This video poker game is a good game when it comes to the PS2 and does not come with an overly costly price.

The last game that we will be introducing into our top video poker games is the game for the Nintendo Wii, which is called World Series of Poker: Tournament Of Champions and is once again by Activision. The game has a good tutorial tool and you can play the career mode with a mentor which means that a popular poker player will help you throughout your amateur career mode. Another good feature that this video poker game has is that you can create your own character even resembling yourself. This game overall has mediocre graphics and audio but the game play is fun so it should be worth playing it for a little while.

You may have noticed it already, but in the video poker game industry is a developer or publisher that seems to hold a monopoly of the qualitatively good video poker games. This publisher or developer is Activision. So if you want to make sure you are choosing the right video poker game, then choose one by Activision and you'll be on the safe side of games.

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